Panorama Guide (Reviews of Panorama stitching programs etc.)
Panorama Tools (Stitcher and PhotoShop plugin by Helmut Dersch)
PTGui (Gui Interface for Panorama Tools by Joost Nieuwenhuijse)
PTMac (PTMac - Shareware Pano Tools helper for MAC systems)
PTAssembler (Freeware Pano Tools helper)
Panorama Tools Open Gui (Open Source Pano Tools helper)
PanaVue (PanaVue Image Assembler - Good stitching program)
PanoStitcher (Pixtra PanoStitcher - Well featured stitcher)
Geopress360 (Wordpress theme for panoramic photography, photospheres, and virtual tours)
Big Ben's Spherical Stitching Tutorial (Comprehensive guide)
Panoramas by Max Lyons (Excellent gallery of panoramas and PTAssembler download)
Free Photons (Interesting gallery by Ralf Rademacher - inc. black & white pics)
Luminous Landscape (Excellent site of Michael H. Reichmann)

Epson printer comparisons (Technical details and print samples)
Kodak PhotoCD (Ted Felix's mine of information)
Infrared tips (Advice on filters and taking infrared pictures)
Night Photography tips (Night photography and astrophotography guide for beginners)
3D Photography (Stereoscopic photography site)
AIM web site (Accurate Image Manipulation for Desktop Publishing - system calibration)
Digital Dog tips page (Tips on calibration issues and printer test file)
47 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners (From BorrowLenses blog)
101 Photoshop Tutorials (Wide range of basic and advanced techniques)
Scantips (Wayne Fulton's scanner tips)
EXIF copy utilities (Utilities by Hugh Thomas)
EXIF standard (All you ever wanted to know about exif data)
Harbortronics Remote Release (For time lapse photography etc)
Batteries (All you want to know about NiMH AA batteries)
Steve's Digicams (Reviews and technical details)
SRB Photographic (Filters, microscope and telescope adapters etc)
Computer Darkroom (Tips on Epson printers, inc. pizza wheel problem)
7dayshop (Guernsey based photo supplies shop)

IrfanView (Image viewer and thumbnail creator)
Pixshow (Image viewer)
Pie (Picture Information Extractor)
Gimp Image Editor (Gimp )
Arcsoft (PhotoPrinter utility)
ImageN (Image Editor)
EyeBatch (Image batch processor by Atalasoft)
Photo Paper Saver (Efficient paper use)
PixPrint (PixPrint)
Qimage (Image editor and printer)
VueScan and VuePrint (Scanner and print utilities from Ed Hamrick)